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Garry Johnson, Guitar Craftsman Garry Johnson, the craftsman behind G Johnson Guitars, was born in the heart of the spectacular Lachlan Valley at Cowra in NSW central- west. It's cattle country, sheep country, wine country, and breakout country where over 1,000 Japanese escaped from the Cowra POW camp in 1944. The region sings with history, just like Garry's guitars. Each piece of Australian timber that Garry crafts into an instrument has both a beautiful tone and its own story. Whether it's a cherished piece of Huon Pine left to Garry from an old uncle who was once a timber cutter in Tasmania, or a piece of Queensland Maple salvaged from an old woolshed and finessed into something with a character otherwise lost, each piece of timber becomes something sweet sounding and special. With years of experience as a carpenter and joiner, Garry has now turned luthier. Garry Johnson, Australian timber, great Australian guitars.

Each guitar will have a unique authenticity certificate that depicts the charicteristics of the timber and how and why they have been created eg one guitar has been made from reclaimed timber from an old wool shed hence forth the name The wool shed.

Garry Johnson, Guitar Craftsman Guitars will be made from Australian timbers such as King william pine, Huon pine, Bunya, Tulip silkwood, Queensland Maple, Queensland walnut just to name a few.

The choice of L.R Baggs or Fishman pre amps. Grover tuning heads. GHS Strings. Timbered scratch plates are a added highlight.

Guitars can be tailor made to suit customers needs.

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For enquiries and orders please contact ...

Sue Johnson
Mobile: 0409 034 418
Phone: 02 6342 4370
Email: sue@gjohnsonguitars.com.au
Garry Johnson, Guitar Craftsman
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